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 Ormus Mineral Silver ORME 

Silver ORME - For assisting the immune system - silver should be taken in a non orme form - does not need to be charged. If consumed in orme form, it does things similar to that of orme gold in that it increases the conductivity of energy throughout the body.

When compared to a silver Ion, Silver ORME puts of 7 times the Vibrational power.

Note: it is the vibration of silver that stops the oxygen metabolism of all forms of bacteria, and all forms of viruses. Just like humans, bacteria and viruses must breath in oxygen.

As such silver ORME is the ultimate anti-viral and anti-bacterial substance. Because it is totally non-toxic to the human body and puts off 7 times the Vibrational power of a silver ion suspended in water.

Almost all colloidal silver solutions contain some silver ORME. Silver is stable at a 13 atom cluster, smaller clusters in water will break apart and become ions or ORME in the water. Females that need additional feminine characteristics may find Silver ORME valuable to consume.

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