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Electrical Potential of WATER



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Water is the major constituent of fluids of living organisms. Every living creature requires water for various bodily functions, which is why human beings are advised to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. This is because the body loses water everyday through breathing, urine and stool among many others, thus the need to replace lost water for purposes of good health.

Drinking water is essential for maintaining the balance of body fluids. If your water intake is not equal to your water output, you become dehydrated. The body loses more fluid than usual in warmer climates, high altitudes and during strenuous activities. Among other benefits of water are shinier hair and younger supple skin.

Water is however not one hundred percent pure. It contains dissolved gases, minerals, organic and inorganic substances depending on its source. Some of the anions and cations present in water include calcium, magnesium, potassium, barium, lead, arsenic and antimony.

Some of these minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium are good for the body while the rest are not so good. They are charged particles, either ions or electrons, and are free to move. This creates what is called electrical potential of water. Electrical potential is the push of electricity through a circuit. This can be dangerous for a human body, health wise

There are two types of water; hard water and soft water. The difference between hard water and soft water is in the chemical compounds dissolved in it. Soft water has little or no dissolved chemical compounds compared to hard water which has more chemical compounds dissolved in it.

This means that the electrical potential of water is higher in hard water than in soft water. Soft water is mainly obtained from rain, however, as soon as it comes into contact with the ground it becomes hard. This is because the ground has various minerals like calcium and magnesium.

It is healthier to drink soft water than hard water since soft water does not have chemical compounds in it. This requires hard water to be turned into soft water. There are various levels of hardness and this are; temporal and permanent hardness. Temporal hardness is caused by calcium carbonate and can be removed by just boiling the water as this converts the carbonate to insoluble carbonate.

Permanent hardness is caused by other salts and can be removed by adding sodium carbonate, commonly known as washing soda to it, where the calcium and magnesium ions react to form a precipitate. This is however not the best method to soften water at home as it leaves a lime scale behind which is not good for health and can also clog pipes.

The above processes of softening hard water reduce the chemical compounds which in turn reduces the electrical potential of water making it healthy to drink. This prevents potential health impacts of hard water such as; cardiovascular disease, growth retardation, and reproductive failure. It also influences re-absorption of calcium and magnesium in the renal tubule. 

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