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Speed of WATER Movement



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INGREDIENTS: Quantum Energy Water (Concentrate)

Ormus Minerals Quantum Energy Ormus Water - Nano size to work better in our cells  





OM-338-QEW -001
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To live, we need water. Water is life, literally. Water is a necessity and it is always around us. Three thirds of our existence is water. The issue should never be about how warm or hot the water is. The issue should be, are you drinking water?  

It is common knowledge that a human being is required to consume about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water does not have any kind of odor. It is colorless and tasteless. How then does water improve or make sure that the human body is healthy?  

In the human body, cells need the presence of water to do their jobs. The speed of water movement must be controlled at all times. Water is used as a means of transport for important substances all around the body. The presence of water in the body helps keep everything hydrated and clean.  

Water ensures that the human brain functions in the best way possible. When brain cells stay hydrated, the brain remains alert and fresh. People who take enough water in the morning, and remain hydrated throughout the day are the most active and alert people.  

The people that do not take water are dull and are easily agitated. Water helps in the maintenance of muscles too. Let us take an example of professional athletes. The athletes are supposed to remain hydrated at all times.  

This is important because muscles that are hydrated never grow tired. They remain tender and therefore active. In harsh conditions like warm weather, the hydrated athlete will beat the fatigue because oxygen is always supplied by water to all the parts of the body. The speed of water movement will determine the viability of the athlete.  

The human body, just like any other machine, needs some kind of cooling system. Cooling of the body is done through sweating. Normally, on a hot day, the human body needs to sweat in order to maintain body temperature that is normal.  

The human body therefore needs constant consumption of water to maintain the required temperature. The nerves of the human body need a lot of hydration too. The nerves act as messengers in the body because they transmit activities to and from the human brain. Water helps in keeping the eyes and the mouth hydrated.  

The lips remain soft and tender when there is enough and constant consumption of water. The speed of water movement will determine how fresh and healthy the human eyes will be. 

It is important to realize that the water we consume is supposed to be entirely clean to avoid possible diseases that can be transmitted through consumption of water. Swimming and taking showers is also a way of hydrating the body.  

We need to swim in clean water and to take bathes using clean water. This also ensures that we remain protected from diseases. Fruits and other types of food need to be cleaned using clean, running water to wash away germs.  

Cleaning the water that we use for consumption is therefore necessary. We could use safe chemicals or protect the sources of water so that we maintain the quality of the water. Yes, water is life. 

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