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Does WATER Have Memory?

 Nature often surprises us with its characteristics and phenomena. Many of them are still undiscovered by humans, so we have to learn a lot more about the world around us. One of the most wonderful elements in nature is water. It gives us energy and possibility to live and function in a healthy way.

First forms of living creatures were born in water, so we can call it home for many reasons. Water is found in various conditions, starting form ice to snowflakes. It is a key factor in human bodies, because almost 60% of our weight is consisted of water. Following all astonishing facts about this element, there is one question. Does water have memory?

Ormus Minerals - Jacques Benveniste

This question was a matter of research by many scientists. One of them was Jacques Benveniste, a French immunologist who published important study in magazine called Nature. The editors mentioned the term "water memory" after this theory. Benveniste claimed that diluted water could have the similar properties even after many dilutions.
 For example, water molecules have a memory of some antibodies that came in contact with the molecules. They retain the same characteristics in changed environment where antibodies are not present anymore. Editor of a Nature journal wanted to really know does water have memory, so he gave instructions to four other independent laboratories

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 When results came, the story was not described as real. Scientists did not found the same conclusion in controlled environment. Following Benveniste's claims, new title in journal suggested to readers to believe in unbelievable.

Homeopathic science is based on water memory and this was the first official proof of this knowledge. Water memory truly existed among some scientists and it was proven belief when Benveniste published his results.
After his studies, many people discouraged him and denied his founding, but for homeopathy believers, this was a science-based discovery that this kind of therapy works. Even after so many years, homeopathy gives results in many people, but it is still not part of official medicine. In many countries, patients can choose whether to take cure from standard medicine of from alternative resources.

This gives them the right to take different approaches when searching for proper treatment.

Ormus Minerals - Masaru Emoto

 Another important research was also based on the question "does water have memory". This study occupied Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto who was born in 1943. Water was kind of magical substance for him and that is why he spent so much time in researching of its properties.
 He believed that water structure can be changed by human vibrations that come from emotions. In other words, if we feel happiness, water recognize it and adapt to that message. When we say something positive, water crystals change and became perfectly structured.

 Emoto noticed these through microscopic photographs and beside the fact that his studies were recognized as pseudoscience, many books that he published got great attention of many people. Is water intelligent substance and does water have memory?

Answers to these questions are still undiscovered, but judging from all those positive aspects of this element, we can say that there is something powerful about the water and our lives certainly depend on it.

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