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Pressures and Its Effects on WATER



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According to gas laws, pressure of a gas depends on its temperature, volume or both of them. An increase in the pressure of a gas affects its melting point as well as the boiling point. Considering pressures and its effects on water, an increase in pressure lowers the melting point.  

For instance, a skateboard exerts pressure on an ice surface that makes ice below to turn into an ice state. From the Bernoulli’s principle, there is a great relationship between pressure and the velocity of the fluid.


When you immerse a body in a fluid, it will experience more upward pressure on its lower surface when compared to the pressure exerted downwards on the upper surface of the same body. The variations of pressure occur because of the differences in the height or rather the depth between these surfaces. The difference causes buoyant forces that tend to push the immersed body in an upward direction. In the event that the weight of the body is less than the force of buoyancy, then body will rise. If the body weighs more than the force of buoyancy then the body will sink.  

The effect of buoyancy is evident in balloons or any other objects that tend to rise when you feel them with gases such as helium or hydrogen among others. Most of these have lower density when compared to natural air thus making them to rise.

Hydraulic force 

The Pascal’s principle gives a different opinion about Pressures and its effects on water. According to the principle, any pressure applied on an enclosed fluid acts equally in different directions.  

Basing on this law, a force of 10N on a small piston let us say 1 square meter, inserted in a closed chamber filled with water or any fluid will transmit pressure equivalent to 10N/Square meter in the entire fluid. If you take another piston measuring 10 square meters and place it on the other side of the chamber, the pressure will exert 10N on both pistons 

Pressure of fluids 

A fluid tends to exert pressure on different bodies immersed in it. When a fluid is in the state of rest, the pressure between the two points will depend on the density of the fluid and that difference between the points.  

For example, swimmers feel more pressure as they continue to swim deeper into the ocean. For every meter made by the swimmers, they will experience an additional pressure of 9810N. Therefore, this increase in pressure mainly occurs because of the change in the depth.

Pressure and freezing 

Does air pressure influence the freezing point of water? Looking at pressures and its effects on water, when you place a glass of water in a vacuum it will freeze faster when compared to water under normal conditions.  

Therefore, it is clear that air pressure influences the freezing point of water. We have various main ways in which high pressure causes a reduction in the freezing point of water. One of them is that ice occupies a large part of the liquid water hence the squeezing makes water to freeze faster. 

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