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INGREDIENTS: Quantum Energy Water (Concentrate)

Ormus Minerals Quantum Energy Ormus Water - Nano size to work better in our cells  





OM-338-QEW -001
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OM-338-QEW -002
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It is true that water has a host of properties which are derived from other substance and which it specifically suited to supporting life. Typically, water on earth contains traces, energy and information of each and every single thing that has ever come in contact with. These could be from toxins, sewage, pharmaceuticals, and rusty pipes from old faucets, chemicals or viruses. Therefore, all these things are stored in water in the form of cellular information.  

As a result, when people drink, bath or shower in water with a host of properties from different substances, the information is passed to human body i.e. passed to the human cells, and this influence health of people and their general well-being.  

Of course, through quantum mechanics on the actual and realistic nature of water with respect to determining the structure and dynamics of water, it worth understanding that in the recent studies of modeling of interaction of water that constitutes the quantum effects i.e. quantum energy water studies in insightful and accurate way, it is found out that water has competing quantum processes.  

There are two quantum processes that try to cancel and balance one another to give water its unique property that is important for life.  

In understanding of the energy changes or quantum process of water, it is plausible asserting that the fluctuating distance between the molecules of water weakens the strength of hydrogen bonding. Ideally, weakening of the hydrogen bonding leads greater separation or increases of dipole distance between the slight positive and negative charges on the water molecule.  

Furthermore, it is true that the increase in the dipole attraction effectively balances the decrease in hydrogen bonding. Therefore, properties of water as they relate to hydrogen bonding and influence of other entrants to the water are uniquely suited for life. All these of course arise from the strength of interactions within the water molecule and with other molecules. The study of quantum mechanics minimizes or rather reduces interactions of water molecules by changing the probability which hydrogen tunnel between molecules. On another perspective, quantum mechanics increases interaction of interactions by influencing the distribution of charges in the molecule to reinforce electromagnetic attractions between water molecules.  

Nonetheless, it is imperative noting that the set of properties rely quantum effects of water of water or quantum energy water relies on two competing quantum effects which typically show that water has unique purpose for life. In this perspective, by utilizing the knowledge about the quantum energy water and applying quantum Nano technology, it is worth asserting that the higher the number of energy force a person has as measured in Vibra electro life force scale, the more energy a person possess and the healthier the person is.  

Ideally, by removing pollutants, toxic and negative cellular energy that has been added to the water, energetically clean water is derived and this means that important energy water is availed to people. This is due to the fact that providing clean energy is ideal for the health and the well-being of people in today’s day and age.  

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