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What Are The Physics of WATER and Human Health    



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Water is a known to give life. Human bodies are made of 60 to 80 percent water. It is a known fact that Humans cannot survive without water. Water covers 70 percentage of the earth. The seas and the oceans are home to very many varieties of aquatic animals. Water is a very intriguing substance. It supports the lives of some organisms (aquatic) yet kills others at the same time the terrestrial organisms could easily drown.

So What are the Physics of Water?  

 Here are the Physics of Water. Water is a chemical compound composed of oxygen and hydrogen. Its chemical formula is H2O. Water exist in 3 forms; solid, liquid and gas or steam. Water is normally liquid at room temperature, gas or steam at high temperature, typically above 100 degrees Celsius and solid form normally called ice at extremely low temperatures.  

The polar nature of water makes it possible to have many unique properties. Water is a universal solvent because of the possession of both the negative and positive charges.  

Water has dissolved ions; this makes water to be a good electrical conductor. That is why most electrical appliances warn against use near water.  

What are the Physics of Water and Human Health? 

Water to paramount to human health. One can go for weeks without food but not more than 4 days without water. Water is key to many functions in the body. Individuals lose water through sweating, breathing and digestion. There are also some factors that influence water intake such as the physical activities, i.e., strenuous induces excessive sweating; the climate, and the state of health in case of diseases. 

What exactly does water do to the body? 

Aids in waste elimination 

Toxins and waste are eliminated from the body through sweat, urine and feces. Water is used by liver and kidneys to eradicate waste products. Water also enhances bowels movements and prevents constipation by softening the stools and ascertaining that waste products are eliminated fast. This ensures there is no accumulation of waste which could pose health concerns such as cystitis. 

Balances the body fluids and transports nutrients 

Water helps in the maintenance of body temperature, transmission and transportation of nutrients. Water lubricates the body tissues. Water safeguards the spinal cord and acts as its shock absorber. The bones and the joints need to be protected and moist for easy movement. Waters also lubricates the eye ball for proper functioning. 

Nutrients from the food taken are broken down and dissolved in water. The water soluble nutrient penetrates through the walls of the intestines into the circulatory system. The blood transports the nutrients and the oxygen and distributes them to all the organs and the cells of the body. Water also acts as a shock absorber in the eyes. Waters also energizes the muscle cells. 

Aids in digestion 

Saliva that is water contains enzymes that break down food. Saliva ensures easy chewing and that food moves effortlessly through the food pipe. Water helps dissolve the minerals and nutrients faster for easy absorption. Water ensures that food are easily digested and that the stool is soft for easy elimination. Water helps avoid constipation and stomach upsets. 

Gives a youthful skin  

Beauty experts always recommend proper hydration for a youthful skin. Water does wonders to the skin. Water ensures toxins that could cause pimples and acne are eliminated. It keeps the skin moisture giving a fresh young look and improved texture. 

Promotes weight loss 

Water aids in weight loss. Water intake makes one full thus consuming fewer calories which is essential in weight loss. 

What is the recommended daily intake of water? 

For adults, the recommended water intake is 8 glasses per day. 

Proper hydration maintains the proper function of the body, general wellbeing and keeps diseases at a bay. 

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